Update (4/6/21)

The public comment period for the Kitsap County Planning Commission and the Washington State Department of Ecology is now closed. Check out our SMP proposed amendments section to learn more about the six key topic areas for proposed amendments and find links to specific changes in the Draft SMP.

The County has responded to comments and evaluated whether changes are consistent with state laws and rules. The County's responses are posted on the SMP Project website. On April 6, the Kitsap County Planning Commission will host a second deliberation and findings of fact meeting. To learn how to attend this virtual event, check out the engagement opportunities section below

Throughout May and June, the Board of County Commissioners will review and deliberate on the proposed changes to the SMP and public comments received. This process includes a second public hearing by the Board of County Commissioners and an opportunity for the public to provide additional comments. Information for how to attend the public hearing will be shared here and on the SMP Project website as it becomes available. 

After the public hearing, the County will revise the proposed amendments as needed before submission to the Department of Ecology for Final Determination and adoption of the updated SMP.

What’s happening?

Kitsap County is conducting a periodic review of its Shoreline Master Program (SMP). Periodic reviews are required by state law every eight years to ensure consistency with existing state regulations and enacted county codes and updated development regulations. Periodic reviews also provide clarifications to improve the overall functionality of the SMP for use by applicants and staff. From now through Spring 2021, the County will be using this website to provide you with information to better understand the County's SMP, to help you learn about recommended amendments, and to collect your comments and questions.

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How to use this website

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Overview and background

Overview and background

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The purpose and scope of the 2020-2021 periodic review is to align the SMP with applicable state laws and guidelines in effect at the time of the review, assure consistency of the SMP with the County's comprehensive plan and development regulations, and to provide existing code clarifications to improve usability and predictability for applicants and reviewers. 

Learn more about what a SMP is, why it needs to be reviewed, and what the review process looks like below.

SMP proposed amendments

Key topic areas

Below are proposed amendments to six key topic areas in the Draft Kitsap County Shoreline Master Program. Click on each amendment topic to see a high-level overview and the location of proposed amendments in the full Draft SMP

For additional details about the proposed code amendments, check out the SMP Periodic Review Scoping Matrix and Amendment Guide.

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Engagement opportunities

The County wants to ensure transparency and predictability throughout the SMP periodic review process by engaging with key partners and interested parties early and often. See below for opportunities to receive regular updates on the SMP periodic review process, ask questions, and share your comments on the draft code amendments. Please visit this website and sign-up for regular notifications to learn about upcoming opportunities and the project status. 

Planning Commission Deliberation and Findings of Fact meetings

The Kitsap County Planning Commission will host a deliberation and findings of fact meeting on April 6 at 5:30 p.m. To learn about the upcoming meeting and how to join, visit our Planning Commission website.

Monthly project updates

Join Kitsap County the third Thursday of every month from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. for a virtual update on the Periodic Review process! Monthly project updates are a chance for community members to learn about the project as it progresses and ask questions of the County. More information on the meeting format and how to join the virtual platform can be found in our project update one-pager.

Community group consultations

Virtual consultations are being offered throughout the SMP review process for interested community groups, department advisory groups, local associations, minority and low-income community organizations, groups of young Kitsap County residents and property owners directly impacted by SMP legislation, and environmental interest groups. Direct formal government to government consultations are also being conducted with tribal governments. The County is happy to meet with groups individually or to schedule multi-group meetings.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, please contact us.

Briefing materials

The County has scheduled regular briefings with the Board of County Commissioners and the Planning Commission. To find information about recent and upcoming briefings visit the "Meetings Dates" section of the SMP project webpage

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Commitment to Inclusive Outreach

The County is committed to providing equitable opportunities for all Kitsap County residents, community groups, and interested parties to participate in this periodic review of the SMP. View the County's Public Participation Plan for more information.